Family Promise of Greater Rockingham County (FPGRC) is a local affiliate of a national organization, Family Promise, based in New Jersey. Family Promise has over 200 affiliates across the country operating successful Interfaith Hospitality Networks (IHNs). Three of these affiliates, in addition to us, are located in New Hampshire. Nationally, 77% of Network guests on average secure permanent housing. In 2012, an impressive 83% of Seacoast Family Promise (Portsmouth, NH area) guests secured permanent housing upon their exit from the IHN.

At the Day Center Office

Maggie Head ShotThe Network Director is the full-time staff member at the center of the IHN. He or she receives training from national Family Promise and runs all aspects of the Network. The Network Director hires and manages staff–part-time bus drivers, a full-time case manager, volunteer “office angels”–and sees that our guest families move from homelessness to permanent housing.

Margaret “Maggie” Martin returned as our Network Director March 1, 2017. She served in this role previously from fall 2014 to spring 2016, and before that she was our case manager. A personal situation necessitated her change of direction for a time. We are very pleased and excited to have her back!

In the Community

The backbone of the Interfaith Hospitality Network are the 17 congregations that together create 11 physical host sites. Each host site provides overnight stays and meals for guest families in a church building for one week at time, 4-5 times per year. Each congregation has two Host Coordinators organizing  all the members and friends of their congregation to volunteer time and make meals for the stay. Host Coordinators meet monthly with the Network Director and in this way, ideas are shared among Coordinators, information about Family Promise events is shared with all congregations, and the entire Network stays on track.

  1. Calvary Bible Church, Derry
  2. St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, Hampstead, and Atkinson Congregational Church
  3. Triumphant Cross Lutheran Church, Salem
  4. Chester Congregational Baptist Church and Livestone Church, both in Chester
  5. St. David’s Episcopal Church and First Congregational Church, both in Salem
  6. Journey Church, Derry
  7. Londonderry Christian Church and Orchard Christian Fellowship of Londonderry
  8. People’s United Methodist Church in Fremont, East Kingston United Methodist Church, and First Parish Congregational Church in East Derry, working together
  9. Rockingham Christian Church, Salem
  10. St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Derry
  11. Saints Mary and Joseph Parish, Salem

Behind the Scenes

FPGRC is governed by a board of trustees including president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. The board meets monthly.

Wayne Trombly lives in Derry and owns Ladesco, Inc. in Manchester, NH. He is a member of host congregation St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, Hampstead, NH, and has been involved in Family Promise since we opened in 2013, as a host coordinator for his church. He joined the board in fall of 2016 and currently serves as president and treasurer.

Judy Nelson lives in Massachusetts and is case manager for NH Catholic Charities serving southern NH. In addition to continuing as Secretary, Judy is our liaison with area Catholic churches to encourage their involvement in the IHN. With us from the beginning, Judy joined the board in December 2011. Currently she is the vice president.

Randall “Randy” Brown lives in Sandown (and Florida for 3 winter months) and is the Director of Health Research at Mathematica Policy Research, a Princeton, NJ think tank. He is a member of First Parish Congregational Church in East Derry, NH, a support congregation. He brings his 6-year experience with another Family Promise affiliate in NJ to our board, joining us in September 2014.

Rick Hartung lives in Hampstead and is retired after a long career in relational database systems. He has served as a selectman in Hampstead for many years, and helps supply the food pantry at his church, host congregation Triumphant Cross Lutheran Church. He joined the board in January 2016 with an interest in Public Relations.

The board is assisted by a Kitchen Cabinet, all of whom are Host Coordinators, involved since the beginning or close to it. Wayne keeps them busy!

Susan Quaranta of People’s United Methodist Church in Fremont, former board member
Susan Hancock of Calvary Bible Church in Derry, former board member
Betty Jervinis of Calvary Bible Church
Kathy Trombly of St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Hampstead.

Nuts and Bolts

Annual Report 2014

Independent Financial Review 2014

Family Promise GRC Bylaws updated January 2015