Former guests of our Interfaith Hospitality Network program share what being in the program meant to them…

Wheels for Work

Homelessness alone presents numerous challenges for all who are forced to experience it, because home represents so much more than just a place to lay your head at night. It affects one’s ability to work and function. Imagine the struggle of trying to overcome all the obstacles such as finding and holding down a job when you don’t even have a car to get back and forth to work. Part of our service is to provide transportation to work and school when needed, but the logistics can be difficult and sometimes folks have long waits.

Such was the situation for Tricia when she came to Family Promise of Greater Rockingham County. She had a job but had to rely on staff or sometimes a fellow guest to runner her back and forth and get her son to school or activities. But thanks to the generosity of one of supporters who decided to retire their family van, Tricia was able to take a significant step toward self-sufficiency.

Video from Our Gala

This short video, created from our first annual Gala back in November of 2013, gives you a sense of what the Network meant to our first few guest families here in western Rockingham County. We opened our doors in February of that year.

25th Anniversary Retrospective

This short video comes from national Family Promise to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The national Family Promise organization began in 1986 in Summit, NJ when the very first Network opened there.

Introduction to the IHN

This 8-minute video illustrates the Network (the Interfaith Hospitality Network program) and what it means to the families who participate in order to end their time of homelessness.